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Payment of courses

Unfortunately, DanDySpas does not have the option of issuing / sending electronic invoices.


Payment for courses can be made by bank transfer.


Possibly. payment fee for transfer of course fee, paid by the person / organization that transfers the money to DanDySpas. Ie. that the transfer fee should not be shared between DanDySpas and the person / organization transferring the money. 


DanDySpas must receive the full course amount. You are not considered registered for the course until DanDySpas has received the full course amount.

EXAMPLE: If the course fee is DKK 1000.00 and the fee for bank transfer is DKK 50.00, the person / organization transferring the money must pay 1050.00, the fee for bank transfer is DKK 100.00, 1100.00 must be paid.

It is important that your name and courseart  (basic course, advanced course etc.…) appear on the money transfer so we can see who we have received payment from.


If you need a receipt for payment received from DanDySpas, please contact Secretary Jeanet Roger Vilhelmsen.



Bank: Danske Bank.

Registration number: 9570
Account number: 12594925 


IBAN: DK7730000012594925 

Payment details

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